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We are The Fireflies. Your creative partner for fascinating live entertainment. We specialise in creating conceptual entertainment programs and line-ups for corporate events, that beat the obvious and make you shine. We do this by using our database that is filled with unique live-acts that we have found on our adventures worldwide.



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The Fireflies

we elevate your theme

360° programming

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we elevate
your theme

We create complete and creative programs and put together fascinating line-ups. We mix and mingle our extensive and inspiring discoveries of unique live acts. These talents deserve the spotlight, and we’ll make sure they connect and feel as one single balanced swarm of energy!



Our programs go beyond the main stage. With our artistic proficiency in presenting live acts in various forms and styles, we not only increase their uniqueness but also help reduce costs. Being able to facilitate the full program, we will not shy away from using all areas to surprise your guests and create a dynamic experience that immerses the spectators.


of unique acts

Our pride and joy. Our rock. Our Holy Grail: The Fireflies treasury of acts. The Fireflies are on a continuous global quest for the most precious and remarkable entertainment. This swarm of inspiration is also curated by Plugged Live Shows and offers us originality in a world of repetition.


full pre-production

To make sure your event runs smoothly, our producers and creative supervisors - your Guiding Lights - are in control of the pre-production. We take care of potential rehearsals, costumes and bring it all together to create a whole bigger than the sum of its parts.


live support
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Fun is serious business. To ensure the best result, our experienced show crew takes the work off your hands and ensures a flawless production. From producers to creatives, showcallers to artist liaisons, and stage management to styling, we function as your extended show crew, driven by a shared passion for aesthetics and creating journeys of fascination.


leave a lasting

Are you looking to impress even the most well-traveled guests? Our extensive network of live entertainment includes special acts from around the world that are sure to leave a lasting impression. No matter how discerning your audience, we have the expertise to deliver truly unforgettable performances.So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Let us help you create an event that will have your guests talking for years to come.


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Contact us to elevate your next event, and we will send you a custom creative proposal within 48 hours. You can reach us by contacting Pim van Alphen

We are The Fireflies, your creative partner for fascinating live entertainment. We specialize in creating conceptual entertainment programs for corporate events.

360° programming

a vault with 3.000 acts

creative consulting

full pre-production

live support

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